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Challenges with Long Overhangs, Vibration & Chatter In this webinar, our experts will discuss some common problems encountered in machining demanding applications in aerospace and general engineering and share best practices and solutions. Learn more about vibration free boring bars and how to overcome challenges with long overhangs, vibration and chatter. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you want to learn about in an upcoming webinar. Register for upcoming webinars to watch live 2:00 - What is vibration? 3:32 - What is the difference between vibration and chatter? 4:49 - Factors of vibration in machining dynamics  5:12 - Types of vibration (free, forced, and self-excited) 7:45 - Free or Natural vibration and machining dynamics 8:40 - Forced vibration and machining dynamics 9:22 - Self-Excited or chatter and machining dynamics 10:14 - Static stiffness, damping ratio, and dynamic stiffness 11:22 - Chatter theory & stability 12:12 - What does it mean to be in phase and out of phase?  14:46 - How does chip thickness cause chatter? 16:36 - How can you predict what vibration is going to be? And, how can you control it? 17:34 - What is the difference between stiffness and damping? 19:54 - Process damping 21:07 - Stability diagrams 23:47 - What do we mean by speed? 24:12 - What is our goal in dealing with chatter and vibration? 27:07 - The problems to be solved by boring bars 29:09 - Vibration free boring bars 32:14 - Numbering system 32:24 - Bolt-on head 33:14 - Dynamic absorber 35:42 - How are vibration free boring bars different from boring bars we’ve offered before? 36:56 - How to install these boring bars? 39:13 - Troubleshooting 41:31 - Why do carbide boring bars help against vibration problems? 42:45 - Recap