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Iscar tech talk - iscar's heli-grip inserts for machining aluminum alloys

After conducting extensive studies and diverse testing on grooving and turning aluminum alloys, ISCAR introduces new positive ground and polished inserts designated GRIP-A. The new A-type chipformer is optimized for machining aluminum alloys. It is evident that feed rate is the most significant factor affecting surface roughness followed by cutting speed and depth of cut. Minimum surface roughness is obtained when low feed rate and low cutting speed are employed with coolant. ISCAR's GRIP A inserts can machine under stringent machining conditions and prove excellent results for machining parts in the automotive, aerospace and medical industries. The new inserts can be clamped on standard HELI-GRIP tools and are suitable for external, internal and face grooving operations. The new inserts feature: • Precision ground, double-ended inserts. • Positive rake inserts with a sharp cutting edge that ensure low cutting forces and a soft cut. • Polished insert top rake for preventing built up edges. • The unique helical shape of the insert enables to machine deep grooves without touching the workpiece with its rear cutting edge. • An effective A-type chipformer designed for optimized chip control in a wide range of cutting conditions. • Designed for machining aluminum alloys but can also be used for machining other nonferrous materials. • Available in square and full radius geometries in 3, 4, 5 and 6mm widths. • Inserts are available in an uncoated IC07 grade. ISCAR's new GRIP-A insert is a first-choice grade for roughing and finishing aluminum alloys. This uncoated carbide grade features a unique combination of excellent abrasive wear resistance and edge sharpness. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Grooving; #Turning; #HELIGRIP; #Chipformer


ISCAR TECH TALK - ISCAR Laydown Threading Inserts

Thread turning is a demanding operation where good chip control, consistent tool life, and consistent component quality can be difficult to achieve. ISCAR's new threading inserts assure unsurpassable thread quality and high productivity. Full and partial profiles for a Unified Thread Standard UN pitch of 64 up to 4 TPI. Full profiles for a Unified Thread Standard UNJ (ASME B1. 15) with a pitch of 36 up to 9 TPI. External 55° partial profile, laydown threading inserts with a pitch of 48 up to 16 TPI. Full and partial profile threading ISO metric with a thread pitch of 0.5 mm up to 3.5 mm. Full and partial profiles for NPT (National Pipe Thread) standards intended for a pitch of 27 up to 8 TPI. Full profile threading inserts NPS (American Standard Straight Pipe Thread) used for mechanical joining and pipe fittings. Full profile laydown NPTF (National Pipe Threads - Dry Seal) threading insert intended for steam, gas and water pipes. External Threading PG Insert for the electrical industry. API - oil thread, round profile laydown threading inserts. Full trapezoidal ACME threading inserts with a pitch of 16 up to 4 TPI. Full trapezoidal Stub Acme and STACME threading inserts with a pitch of 16 up to 4 TPI. New fully ground profile inserts with higher accuracy and better surface quality. Available in ISCAR grades designated IC908, IC228, IC250, IC1007 PVD coated grades and the IC08 uncoated Grade which feature: - Very good wear resistance. - Hard substrate with excellent chipping resistance, combined with TiAlN PVD coating. - High wear and oxidation resistance. - A great choice for non-ferrous materials and cast iron. IC1007 - A hard submicron grain size substrate with TiAlN + TiN PVD coating. - Features high plastic deformation resistance. - Suitable for threading steel, stainless steel and hard steels with moderate to high cutting speeds under stable cutting conditions. - A good choice for non-ferrous materials and cast iron. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #Threading, #ThreadTurning, #ThreadInserts, #TinPVDCoating, #TiAINCoating,



BHD Boring Fine Boring Heads with Digital 2 µm Direct Adjustment Diametric Display Modern metal cutting processes are progressing to more precise and fine operations. The precision and robustness of ISCAR's modular boring tools deliver measurable performance advantages—significantly reducing costs and cycle times. ISCAR's BHD boring systems are the best solution for fine and accurate boring. Casting and forging stages in the manufacturing of parts have improved to the point where there is less material to be removed to achieve the desired dimensions and specifications of the workpiece. ISCAR's digitalization of precision hole making advances operations to high levels of productivity. Some tool suppliers provide a separate digital screen attached to the boring head during the adjustment stages. While this simplifies the design by annulling the need for the screen to be water and shock proof, an operator can forget to remove it before machining, which in turn can cause damage to the tool and the workpiece. The Ingress Protection rating of IP69K, enables an integrated digital unit of the BHD boring head able to withstand full submersion in coolant and withstand pressurized direct impact of the stream and the stresses involved in machining. A quick adjustment inside the machine with ISCAR's fool proof design provides the ability to machine holes fast, accurately while assuring maximum results. The boring head is designed to be user friendly, with just one button below the screen and a dial for setting the diameter. The range of the BHD allows to machine holes starting from 2.5 mm and up to 200 mm. The modular MB connection allows easy assembly and multiple variations depending on the application and customer's needs. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results #ISCAR, #Boring, #BoringHeads, #HoleMaking


ISCAR TIP TALK - ISCAR Ceramic Inserts for Machining High Temp Alloys

High temperature super alloys are classified as very hard to machine materials. Machining such materials with carbide is only possible when applying significantly low cutting speed which obviously leads to poor productivity. For rough turning high temperature super alloys, ceramic inserts can be the ultimate solution. Using ceramic inserts for such applications enables to increase the cutting speed up to 10 times more than the standard values used with carbide. This naturally leads to significantly higher productivity. When using ceramic inserts for turning high temperature super alloys, it is recommended to adopt the following tips: • It is highly recommended to apply coolant as close as possible to the cutting zone. • For most applications, higher productivity and better tool life will be received when using round shape ceramic inserts. Use these inserts whenever possible. • One of the most common wear when turning high temperature super alloys is the notch wear. To avoid this phenomenon, I recommend utilizing a nonunified depth of cut. Iscar offers a wide range of Ceramic inserts suitable for machining high temperature super alloys. ISCAR's IW7 Silicon carbide whiskers grade and the IS25 & IS35 SiAlON ceramics grades provide excellent choices for many types of applications. Check the ISCAR catalogue, and should you contemplate which product is most suitable for your application, please contact us to learn more about machining intelligently. #ISCAR, #CeramicInserts, #MachiningHighTempAlloys, #HighProductivity, #MachiningIntelligently, #TIP-TALK


Iscar tech talk - iscar expands mill-4-feed fast feed milling tools

The remarkable progress made in the area of rough milling over the past decades saw the introduction of fast feed milling (FF), also referred to as high feed milling (HFM). Rather than use the traditional high metal removal technique – milling with considerable depths and widths of cut – users of the new approach continued to machine with similar width of cuts, although they used a much smaller depth of cut and applied much faster speeds with substantially increased feed per tooth. High feed milling enables much faster machining than conventional methods. Energy saving shallow-cut “fast” technology provides an excellent alternative to power consuming deep-cut methods. ISCAR's new FFQ4 SOMW... insert features advanced capabilities for increased milling productivity in machining materials up to 60HRC which takes fast feed milling a giant step further. • A flat chipformer is available for insert sizes 09,12,17. • 4 indexable reinforced cutting edges. • Increased corner radius for improved performance in near-to-wall machining while maintaining the same tool diameter. • Produced from ISCAR’s advanced SUMOTEC carbide grade for unsurpassed productivity. • The advanced geometrical design combined with innovative carbide grades results in significantly improved resistance to edge breakage and chipping, which guarantees better tool life and enables highly productive fast feed milling, especially when cutting hard materials and when machining non-continuous surfaces which results in interrupted cutting. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #Milling, #MILL-4-FEED, #Fast-Feed-Milling, #HFM, #NEO-ITA


ISCAR TECH TALK - Barrel-Shaped Inserts for Efficient Multi-Axis Milling

ISCAR expands the capabilities of BALLPLUS indexable endmills by introducing NEOBARREL - the new family of barrel-shaped inserts for efficient multi-axis milling. Mold-and-die shops thrive on the latest technology in tooling, software, and machines. Process success often depends on using best-in-class solutions from the past as well as from the latest advances of today. The emergence of circle segment end mill technology for full five-axis profiling is now becoming a standard for machining large diameter segments. The circle segment endmill is an effective replacement for the typical ball nose end mill that is used for semi-finishing and finishing molds. The circle segment endmill features a cutting edge that is a segment of a large diameter arc that reduces the number of stepovers and the cusp height of machining passes in the mold. The net result is a smoother surface finish and reduction of cycle times by as much as 50 to 90 percent. ISCAR's NEOBARREL insert are intended to be mounted on 16,20- and 25-mm diameter BALLPLUS endmills. The 25 mm Insert features The main cutting edge is the segment of an enlarged-radius-circle. Applying the insert significantly reduces the number of cuts and cycle time by increased stepover and stepdown operations. Diminishing the number of cuts combined with a large-radius- or arced shaped cutting edge provides high surface quality. NEOBARREL inserts are available in ISCAR's versatile IC908 grade. The new barrel-shape inserts are available in two geometry types: HCT - A cutting edge that features a combination of an arcuated taper with a ball-nose tip. The arc radius is 75 mm and the taper angle vary along the cutting edge from 34° to 46.1°, while the spherical radius of the tip is 3 mm. HLB – is a lens-shaped insert with an arcuated (oval) bottom with peripheral cutting edges. The tapered angle varies along the cutting edge from 0° to 10.5° while the nominal arc radius is 50 mm for the bottom edge, and 25 mm for the two-peripheral cutting edges. Barrel type inserts with the tapered angle vary along the cutting edge from 90°to 70°. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. #ISCAR, #Milling, #BALLPLUS, #NEOBARREL, #Multi-Axis,#TECH-TALK


Iscar tech talk - iscar helialu super positive polished rake inserts

ISCAR expands the HELIALU line with super positive polished rake inserts. HELIALU inserts have a new sub-micron grade which assures higher productivity for machining aluminum and non-ferrous materials under the ISO N group of applications. Metal cutting technology has progressed tremendously over the past few years. It is evident that insert wear is a critical problem in metal cutting. It not only increases the production costs but also degrades the product quality. The HELIALU line is comprised of a large range of endmills and face mills which are especially designed for machining aluminum, mainly parts for the aviation industry. Insert features • Sharp, ground cutting edge for low cutting forces and a clean cut. • Polished rake face for excellent chip flow. • Positive cutting angles. • Clamping area of the insert is ground to provide full contact with the pocket for high precision. • Suitable for effective machining of various aluminum grades such as 2024 and 7075 among other types. • HELIALU inserts can withstand high cutting and centrifugal loads. • The inserts are designed for both roughing and finishing applications. ISCAR's new HELIALU inserts show precise, safe and stable machining results capable of performing highly complicated operations with increased feed rates. ISCAR’s customers can choose tougher and harder grades to achieve increased productivity. Machining aluminum with ISCAR's hard-wear resistant sub-micron carbide grade IC08, maintains the insert’s cutting-edge sharpness for longer periods of time. This contributes greatly to stable machining and longer tool life, which enables milling aluminum and aluminum-lithium alloys at very high feed rates. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results #ISCAR; #Milling; #HELIALU; #ISO-N; #Insert; #NEOITA; #TECH-TALK


ISCAR's Diverse Chipformers for Parting Applications

Hello everyone and welcome to TIP TALK from*** ISCAR’s Tec-Center. During this session I would like to explain how to choose the most suitable insert geometry and chipformer for your parting application. ISCAR offers a large variety of chipformers suitable for all types of parting applications. This time we will be focusing on the most popular and common chipformers suitable for general use. I recommend selecting the requested insert according to the workpiece material & type of application. As a general guideline, for soft materials and continuous cuts use an insert which has a positive cutting rake angle. For hard materials and tough applications use an insert which has a negative cutting rake angle. The most common chipbreaker recommended for hard materials and tough applications is a "C" type which has a negative cutting rake angle reinforced with a T-land. A "C" type insert should be the first choice for parting hard steels. This insert is suitable for medium to large part diameters and tough applications including interrupted cuts. It should be used at medium to high feed rates. An additional popular chipbreaker is the "J" type, which has a positive cutting rake angle and therefore assures minimal cutting forces during machining. The "J" type chipformer is recommended for continuous cuts and is a first choice for soft materials such as stainless steel. It should be used for small diameter parts and tubes and recommended for low to medium feeds. To conclude this session, for tough applications and hard materials use a "C" type chipformer which has a reinforced negative cutting edge. For soft materials use a "J" type chipformer which has a positive cutting edge that assures minimal cutting forces. Wishing you trouble free and successful parting! #ISCAR, #Parting, #PartingSystems, #JetCoolant,#HighPressure, #Inserts, #InterruptedParting, #Cutoff, #PartingOff Download ISCAR WORLD, the virtual "one stop shop" app that features all ISCAR's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space: View our Catalogs and brochures:


Iscar tech talk - iscar's logiq-f-grip - extra stability & high productivity in parting & grooving

The revolutionary LOGIQ-F-GRIP parting system is designed to achieve extra stability and high productivity in parting and grooving operations. The LOGIQ-F-GRIP is a well engineered assembled tool block that comprises a unique durable holder and a highly stiff economical square type adapter with 2 and 4 insert pockets. ISCAR's parting systems are world renowned for their advanced geometries and high-performance cutting abilities. ISCAR's LOGIQ-F-GRIP tool block is intended for TANG-GRIP and DO-GRIP inserts in sizes of 2 to 5mm. ISCAR's LOGIQ-F-GRIP system is designed for parting bars in diameter sizes of up to 160mm. The new LOGIQ-F-GRIP line features: • Outstanding stability, vibration free parting system for large diameters as well. • Improved insert tool life, surface finish and workpiece straightness due to the robust tool design. • Reduced cutting widths as a result of excellent tool stability which leads to material savings. • Enables parting a 160mm bar with a 3mm insert • Economical Square Type blades with 2 and 4 insert pockets. • Guarantees high productivity, especially when using TAG N…HF (High Feed) inserts with feeds of up to 0.4mm/rev. • User friendly easy to use parting system. • Saves setup time after pocket replacement as the adapter can be repositioned easily. • Several types of square blades fit the same tool block. • Blades with or without coolant holes can be clamped on the same block. • LOGIQ-F-GRIP tools are suitable for JETCUT coolant pressure of up to 140 Bar. • Suitable for all machine types including Multi-Tasking machines which operate on a X axis with no need for additional adjustments. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #LOGIQ-F-GRIP, #Parting&Grooving, #TANG-GRIP, #DO-GRIP, #JETCUT


Iscar tech talk - iscar heliquad sdmt 12 for additional applications

ISCAR expands HELIQUAD SDMT 12 geometries, grades and the insert’s radii range for additional applications which guarantee economical 90˚ shoulder milling. ISCAR's HELIQUAD 12 single-sided inserts with 4 cutting edges feature: 1. New improved cutting geometries. 2. 1.6mm corner radius. 3. A new HELISTAR chip former. 4. A new QDMT 1205 geometry with IC330 grade. Additional CVD and PVD coated grades, which emphasize higher durability and flexibility with more tool life for productive milling. The new and improved geometries feature: • Robust and durable insert design • A wide wiper for excellent surface finish • An effective and economical solution for milling true 90º shoulders. The inserts which are mounted on F90SD tools are produced with SUMO TEC carbide grades and provide excellent performance with longer tool life. In addition, the inserts are suitable for X-QUAD SDK-12-C/HP extended flute cutters with conventional or high-pressure coolant outlets. HELIQUAD-12 UPGRADE SDMT 1205 …HQ-MM features: • A helical cutting edge for reducing cutting forces. • The new design is characterized by a reinforced insert body and cutting-edge land with 0.2mm compared to the previous 0.12mm HELIQUAD insert geometry SDMT 1205…HQ-M design. • The new SDMT 1205 …HQ-MM will phase out the SDMT 1205…HQ-M except for IC810 / 910 / 950 / and IC5500 grade. SDMT 1205….RM-MM features: • A straight cutting edge intended for tools with a shell mill adaptation and extended flute cutters. • The new design presents a reinforced* insert body and cutting-edge land with 0.2mm compared to the previous 0.12mm HELIQUAD insert geometry SDMT 1205…RM-M design with superior tool life. • Available with an additional 1.6mm corner radius in IC808 and IC830 grades. Applications • The inserts are intended mainly for rough to semi-finish milling square shoulders and slots in ISO P materials - carbon and alloy steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel, and ISO H materials - hardened materials. For machining ISO M materials such as austenitic or duplex stainless, we recommend using inserts SDMR 12 that are mounted in the same pockets. HELIQUAD-12 Expansion SDMT 1205 …HQ-HS The insert’s HELISTAR style chip former geometry splits the chips into small pieces and generates low cutting forces, which enables increased feed rates and depth of cut for higher machining productivity. Reducing cutting forces makes this insert suitable for using on low power machines. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #Milling, #HELIQUAD, #SDMT_12, #4Cutting Edges, # Helistar


Iscar tech talk - iscar heli-4-mill for extra small diameter milling

ISCAR expands the HELI-4-MILL product line by adding single-sided square inserts in different corner radii for extra small diameter milling. The new HELI-4-MILL line features: SOMT 0402 PNTR with 0.8 and 1.2mm corner radii SOMT 0402-FF with IC808 grade Endmill cutters with a cutting diameter size of 6 and 8mm The SOMT 0402…PNTR with 4 neutral cutting edges is a utility insert for milling square shoulders and is available in 0.8 and 1.2mm corner radii. The insert features positive axial rake that reduces cutting forces and provides a maximum 3.5mm depth of cut (DOC). The new endmill cutters are now available in 6 and 8mm. They are designed for machining compact and miniature parts such as light-size components for die and molds, medical devices, aircraft equipment, etc. The small dimensions of the cutters make them ideally suited for turn-milling on multitasking machine tools with limited working space. The endmill cutters are suitable for mounting single-sided HELI-4-MILL SOMT and SOCT-04 inserts of both 2 types: for general use and fast feed milling. The cutters can be used for milling square shoulders, slots, plunging, and for efficient rough machining with high feed per tooth. Cutter Features Each cutter can mount single-sided square and fast feed milling inserts. Pinpointed coolant flow directed to each cutting edge. Protective coating on the tool’s surface improves wear and corrosion resistance. Applications Machining main engineering materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel and difficult-to-cut HTSA (ISO P, M, K, S and H application groups). Milling shoulders, slots, side plunging, plane and 3D surfaces. Manufacturing small-size parts. The new cutters and inserts will provide customers with a complete solution for milling with better process control. The new HELI-4-MILL tools and inserts are designed to provide an economical option for a wide range of roughing and finishing operations. HELI-4-MILL small diameter milling cutters can successfully replace solid carbide endmills. They facilitate application flexibility and reduce stock and procurement costs. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: #ISCAR, #Milling, #HELI4MILL, #Endmill, #SOMT, #NEOITA, #e-Learning


ISCAR TECH TALK- ISCAR's 3-Flute Series for Machining Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Materials

ISCAR has expanded its SOLID line with a new 3-flute series for machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. The new endmills are designed with a 45° flute, wiper flat on the face end, controlled land and polished flutes that provide fluent chip evacuation, a smooth cut, and superb surface finish. The tools are coated with Ta-C (Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon) diamond like coating, also known as DLC coating. Ta-C is considered the superior type among the different DLC forms and therefore provides desirable qualities such as hardness, wear-resistance, and slickness, which significantly prolongs tool life and diminishes chip jamming. Properties that are ideal for machining non-ferrous materials are; - Aluminum and Aluminum alloys with up to 12% Si content - Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - Carbon and plastic - and Composite The new SOLID line comprises a square endmill with a sharp cutting edge, a Ball nose, and Bullnose. This unique new line is suitable for HEM toolpaths with up to a 20% stepover in roughing, semi-finishing and finishing toolpaths, and can perform a ramp-down of up to 3 degrees. Please be reminded to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: #ISCAR, #Milling, #SolidCarbide, #Aluminum, #3FluteSeries, #TechTalk, #ISCAR-WORLD