5x performance cutting steel: HELLER HF 5500 | Spindle DC 100 i | Equipment package PRO

The new HF: a second generation for increased flexibility, productivity and precision The 5-axis machining centres from the HF series are optimally equipped to meet the exacting requirements of modern production processes. Enabling 5-sided and simultaneous 5-axis machining, they allow you to handle many different tasks on a single machine. Highly productive and flexible, with easy operation and maintenance, available with pallet changer or table loading. The second generation of the HF series provides numerous optimisations, including new spindle units with increased performance and the advantages of the HELLER zero-spindle system for minimised life cycle costs. Moreover, the option of a second drive in the Z-axis allows for even more universal application, including single-part production. In combination with the proven HELLER DNA of productivity, precision and reliability, they guarantee you increased performance, precision and flexibility for the production of your workpieces. More information: https://www.heller.biz/en/machines-and-solutions/5-axis-machining-centres-hf/