The Haas UMC-500SS and Pallet Pool In Action - Haas Automation, Inc.

The compact footprint of the Haas UMC-500SS Series makes it a perfect solution for 3+2 machining and simultaneous 5-axis machining of smaller parts. The UMC-500SS is equipped with a faster spindle, high-speed tool changer, and high-speed trunnion table to reduce cycle times and boost productivity. Couple this with our 16-Station Pallet Pool and you'll be taking your production to the next level; where running “lights out” becomes a reality. Click the link to reach the UMC-500SS web page: Don’t miss any Haas videos. Click here: Need more reasons why you should consider a Haas? Check this out: If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and share it with a friend who’ll find it helpful . . . and thanks! SoundStripe YouTube Content ID: 6EZIZ9HPBPFRETWX Follow Haas: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn - the link below to get to the Deburr Wheels web page: