Use Vector Probing to Probe a Half Circle - Haas Automation Tip of the Day

Probing the inside or outside diameter of a round part is pretty darn easy using the Haas VPS templates and your WIPS probe. But what about when you need to probe a part where the shape is only half circular or some other part of a circle smaller than a whole? Well, that's where Vector Probing comes into play and in this TOD Mark outlines the path to getting these more complex shapes accurately measured. TOD Bonus Content Page Here are links to the videos Mark mentions during the program: In Process Probing. 1-2-3-4-5 Probe your Work Offsets Probe Calibration Automate with your Probe. Macros. Mistake Proof with your Probe. Poka-Yoke Troubleshoot your Probe Probing Tool Offsets Explained Probe your Tools If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and share it with a friend who’ll find it helpful . . . and thanks! Follow Haas: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: