ISCAR TECH TALK - Quick Change Tools for Machining Aluminum Wheels

ISCAR introduces a new range of Quick-Change Tools (DTF) with a dove tail connection for external and internal turning applications of aluminum wheels with the use of CUT-GRIP and ISO Turn heads. Based on the aluminum wheel industry demand for a quick-change tooling system, ISCAR introduces a new DTF quick change line. Features and Advantages of ISCAR's quick change tools: • The system provides a full solution for external and internal profiling, undercutting, facing, and boring operations. • The dovetail mechanism assures full-face contact between the shank and head with very high clamping forces, and can resist tough machining conditions, especially when machining aluminum wheels. • The unique system improves stability and rigidity during machining, and therefore, helps increase cutting parameters and tool life. • User-friendly with one screw provides very high clamping force. • Enables higher rigidity with a reinforced structure compared to integral boring bars. • Contains a variety of VDI40, VDI50 and round shanks. • The quick-change adaptation shortens the head replacement time and enables controlling the shank on the machine during head changes or when switching between jobs. • Guarantees high accuracy – repeatability within ±0.02mm. • The CUT-GRIP heads are designed for FSPA inserts that feature the many advantages of this insert line. • Designed for popular approach angles to support most wheel profiles. • Designed with coolant holes in the upper jaw to assure efficient chip control and longer tool life. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #CUT-GRIP; #Boring; #MachiningAluminumWheels; #DOVETAIL; #RoundShanks; #ToolingSystem