Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing of a Titanium Blisk | Seco Tools

Seco Tools has through a partnership with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing and other partners launched a new way of producing aerospace engine blisk with 80% reduced machining time and cutting tools consumption. The additive will give you many advantages: -Freedom to design complex geometries to maximize performance, consolidate design – and achieve lightweight components to improve fuel efficiency. - Minimized material waste on expensive materials -Rapid prototyping, with shorter production routes and in-process quality assurance that will reduce time-to-market and overall lead time. In this collaboration Seco (finishing) worked with Sandvik Additive Manufacturing (Titanium powder and component ready to print design), BeamIT (3D printing), GOM UK (Measuring and 3D scanning of the digital twin), Hypermill (CAM programming), Jemtech (Coolant provider for tool life optimization), Schunk (tool holding optimization), GROB (CNC machine builder) to achieve the ambitious goal of revolutionizing a complex part required for every flying device. For optimal finishing solutions for your additive manufacturing components please reach out to your local Seco Tools representatives. Learn more about Seco tools here: Contact us here: