ISCAR INDUSTRY TALK - ISCAR's Solutions for Machining Torque Links

Landing gear is typically split into three basic wheel arrangements: conventional, tandem and tricycle-type. Beyond this, landing gear is classified as either fixed or retractable. The torque link, which is a part of the landing gear, is a hinged link between the piston and the cylinder of an oleo-type landing gear shock absorber. The torque link allows the piston to move freely in and out of the landing gear cylinder - but prevents it from rotating. During the touchdown phase of an aircraft, the landing gear system is impacted by hundreds of tons. Torque links are commonly made of titanium alloys. The material is expensive and difficult to machine, and therefore stock parts are forged near to shape. ISCAR has developed a series of tools which can be used to efficiently produce torque links: TANGPLUNGE Shell Mill Plungers, which carry tangentially clamped Inserts with 4 Cutting Edges are a proper solution for long reach applications from top to bottom as they are well known for its name “Z” level machining. This modern design of plunger tools and inserts provide stable machining with less cutting force and less deflection. MILL4FEED are Fast Feed Face Mills Carrying Single-Sided Inserts with 4 Cutting Edges. The correct cutting edge provides smooth cutting and reduced cutting forces and power consumption. The small lead angle of the Mill4Feed face mill allows high feed milling for titanium at a high feed rate per tooth and makes this tool perfect for long overhang applications. The pocket shape provides rigid and reliable insert clamping and improves the cutter’s capability under heavy loads. Titanium alloys are difficult to cut materials, therefore, the XQuad Extended flute shell mills carrying single-sided Inserts with 4 cutting edges is the best choice because of its excellent solution for depth shouldering. The Single sided insert with its proper release angle has a positive axial position on the cutter body. The cutter body is equipped with high pressure nozzles to meet the flow rate and supplied coolant pressure. XQuad’s extended flute shell mills ensure full use of modern high-efficiency machines to provide the necessary level of metal removal rate (MRR) and tool life required by the industry for new solutions from cutting tool manufacturers. The HELI6FEED Fast feed face mill carries double-sided inserts with 6 cutting edges. Their unique pocket “V” shaped design provides very stable insert clamping and allows machining with heave conditions. Helical interpolation at long overhang applications demands smooth cutting to assure a successful operation. HELIOCTO Face mills with a lead angle of 42°, carrying an octagonal insert with 8 cutting edges is a very economical solution. The insert has positive rake and sharp cutting edges. It’s advanced cutting geometry reduces cutting forces and provides smooth cutting. All these parameters together with the appropriate insert grade IC882, make this tool an excellent solution for finish facing operations. The unique coolant solution, which comes from bottom of the tool, helps to keep the machined surface clean. ISCAR’s unique Multi-Master product line is well-known thanks to its high reliability and high dimensional repeatability. The expanded MULTI-MASTER product line includes a full range of diameters and radiuses dedicated to titanium alloys machining. The new MM ECK… milling heads have 6 and 5 cutting edges with ISCAR CHATTERFREE features. All these features significantly improve tool dynamic behavior and ensures stable cutting in various milling applications, even in unfavorable machining conditions. ISCAR’s ITSBORE system, with tangentially clamped Inserts is based on tangential inserts with 4 cutting edges. Its robust structure of tangential clamping enables the cartridge to withstand heavy duty machining of titanium allows materials. This unique system was designed for machining deep holes. We would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Landing Gear; #TorqueLInk; #FaceMills; #Milling; #HELIOCTO; #HELI6FEED ; #MILL4FEED