ISCAR Tip Talk - Heavy Duty Grooving

Hi everyone and welcome to Tip-talk from ISCAR's Tech Center. Today we'll talk about grooving operations in heavy duty industries. Grooving operations in heavy duty industries such as power generation, oil & gas, mining, ship building and many more are quite challenging. Due to their large size, heavy duty parts are usually machined in dedicated tailored made machines. When grooving heavy duty parts, it is recommended to adopt the following tips: • Use coolant whenever possible, especially in deep grooving applications. This will significantly improve tool life and chip control. • Due to the big size of the chips try to avoid using tools with an upper jaw. These tools will wear out quickly. Use tools that provide uninterrupted chip flow. • Use inserts with a suitable chip former to assure a smoother grooving process and a better tool life. ISCAR is proven to be the world's leading company for heavy duty grooving solutions. CUTGRIP, DOVE-IQ-GRIP & SUMOGRIP product lines provide excellent solutions, for standard and tailored made tools. Check our catalogue to learn more about machining intelligently with ISCAR. #ISCAR; #Grooving; #CUTGRIP; #DOVE-IQ-GRIP ; #SUMOGRIP; #HeavyDuty; #DeepGrooving; #Tip-Talk