ISCAR TECH TALK - ISCAR's Range of Solutions for Turning NSH (Part 2)

ISCAR offers a wide range of solutions for turning with a full range of grades for all types of materials and applications which includes uncoated inserts for machining nonferrous and aluminum materials. Coated inserts have a wide range of different grades which are PVD or CVD, for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and super alloys. For hardened materials of up to 55HRC ISCAR offers ceramics grades and CBN grades for hardened materials of up to 70HRC. PCD is recommended for machining aluminum and nonferrous materials with a high percentage of Silicon. ISO H ISO H inserts for highly productive machining of hardened alloy steel and cast iron. ISCAR PCBN and Ceramic inserts are the first choice for Hard Part Turning referred to as difficult materials with high hardness levels of 45 and up to 70HRC. Ceramic grades IN420, IN22 and IN23 are good for HPT machining from 45 to 60 HRC. PCBN Grades IB10HC, IB20HC and IB25HC cover a hardness level range from 50 to 70 HRC. ISO N ISO N inserts for machining non-ferrous materials at fast rates for reduced costs. For machining Aluminum and other nonferrous materials with uncoated insert grades, IC20 is the first choice. This grade is suitable for continuous and light interrupted cuts. For high-speed machining materials with High Silicon percentage, ID5 PCD grade is highly recommended. ISO S ISO S inserts provide high productivity solutions for both internal and external turning specifically for Titanium and Inconel. IC806 and IC804 Grades are intended for machining super alloys materials such as Inconel, Waspaloy and IC804 for continuous applications. IC806 is intended for continuous and light interrupted cuts. For high-speed machining ISCAR offers a dedicated range of Ceramic grades such as IW7 intended for continuous high cutting speeds. IS25 is intended for continuous and light interrupted cuts. IS35 is intended for light interrupted and interrupted cuts. #ISCAR; #Turning; #Grades; #ISO-N; #ISO-S; #ISO-H; #PSBN; #Ceramic;