Multimeter Basics - Using a Multimeter to Check Electrical Circuits - Haas Automation, Inc.

This video provides a general introduction to using a Multimeter to take measurements on electrical circuits. There are countless places these checks can be useful, from the machine shop to the garage; anywhere electrical circuits are involved. This general information should be quite familiar if a multimeter is already a device you've been using for a while, but if you have someone in your shop that doesn't yet have experience with this indispensable tool, this video should be helpful. This video is a version of one we use for training purposes at the Haas factory. Don’t miss any Haas videos. Click here: Need more reasons why you should consider a Haas? Check this out: If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and share it with a friend who’ll find it helpful . . . and thanks! Follow Haas: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn -