Essential Reading for Machinists! - Haas Automation TOD Toolbox

If you've spent any time in a machine shop, or in an engineering department for that matter, you've almost certainly had a chance to delve into the depths of the Machinery's Handbook. This tome of machinist's information and data always seems to have something you can use to answer those "how do I calculate that?" questions. Mark talks about what makes this book so great and also shows us a few other useful reference books for everyone in the machinist trade. If you want to get the Machinery's Handbook right from the source: Here is the link to the Haas Shop Notes PDF: Zeus Precision Data Charts: Engineer's Black Book: Gerstner Tool Chests: Kennedy Tool Chests: Don’t miss any TIP-OF-THE-DAY videos. Click here to join our email list! If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and share it with a friend who’ll find it helpful . . . and thanks! Follow Haas: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: LinkedIn: