ZPS MCFV 1260 NT (2001) Vertical Machining Center

This ZPS MCFV 1260 NT Vertical Machining Center was made in the Czech Republic in the year 2001. It has been working for 72917 hours, of which 33404 are programming hours. This 3 axis machine is operated through a HEIDENHAIN TNC 426 M control unit. It can perform with a spindle speed up to 6000 rpm. This machine replaced its spindle in 2012. It has been mainly been producing moulds. This machine is in very good condition and has been regularly maintained. See full technical specifications of this machine at: https://bit.ly/3f8z8vm GINDUMAC - The easy way to sell and buy used industrial machinery Visit us at: https://www.gindumac.com/ Do you have any questions? Write us at contact@gindumac.com Or call us at +49 631 9200 9012 Our Social Media Channels: Facebook: facebook.com/gindumac/ Twitter: twitter.com/gindumac Instagram: instagram.com/gindumac/