Trumpf TruBend 3066 (2012) Bending Machine

This Trumpf TruBend 3066 Bending Machine was manufactured in the year 2012 in Austria. It has a working record of 12940 working hours. It is equipped with a control unit of the same brand. It is a small 3 axis press brake (Y, Z, R - CNC and Z1 Z2 - manual). This machine can work with a pressing force up to 660 kN. It has a standard version 2-D Delem graphic control T3000 color and has the option of 3D-Visualisoerung TruBend Serie 3000. This machine presents very good conditions. See full technical specifications of this machine at: GINDUMAC - The easy way to sell and buy used industrial machinery Visit us at: Do you have any questions? Write us at Or call us at +49 631 9200 9012 Our Social Media Channels: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: