Durma AD-S 30320 (2012) Bending Machine

This Durma AD-S 30320 Bending Machine from Turkey was manufactured in the year 2012. It has a production history of approximately 34000 working hours. It is Equipped with a 10 "color screen CYBELEC ModEva 10S control unit. This 8 axis machine stands out due to its bending length 3050 mm and bending force 3200 kN. It comes with a DURMA tool clamping system and a front laser protection of the working space, type FIESSLER AKAS. This machine is in very good working condition and ready for tests. It comes with its full documentation available. See full technical specifications of this machine at: https://bit.ly/3cpSjPD GINDUMAC - The easy way to sell and buy used industrial machinery Visit us at: https://www.gindumac.com/ Do you have any questions? Write us at contact@gindumac.com Or call us at +49 631 9200 9012 Our Social Media Channels: Facebook: facebook.com/gindumac/ Twitter: twitter.com/gindumac Instagram: instagram.com/gindumac/