Iscar tech talk - iscar heli-4-mill for extra small diameter milling

ISCAR expands the HELI-4-MILL product line by adding single-sided square inserts in different corner radii for extra small diameter milling. The new HELI-4-MILL line features: SOMT 0402 PNTR with 0.8 and 1.2mm corner radii SOMT 0402-FF with IC808 grade Endmill cutters with a cutting diameter size of 6 and 8mm The SOMT 0402…PNTR with 4 neutral cutting edges is a utility insert for milling square shoulders and is available in 0.8 and 1.2mm corner radii. The insert features positive axial rake that reduces cutting forces and provides a maximum 3.5mm depth of cut (DOC). The new endmill cutters are now available in 6 and 8mm. They are designed for machining compact and miniature parts such as light-size components for die and molds, medical devices, aircraft equipment, etc. The small dimensions of the cutters make them ideally suited for turn-milling on multitasking machine tools with limited working space. The endmill cutters are suitable for mounting single-sided HELI-4-MILL SOMT and SOCT-04 inserts of both 2 types: for general use and fast feed milling. The cutters can be used for milling square shoulders, slots, plunging, and for efficient rough machining with high feed per tooth. Cutter Features Each cutter can mount single-sided square and fast feed milling inserts. Pinpointed coolant flow directed to each cutting edge. Protective coating on the tool’s surface improves wear and corrosion resistance. Applications Machining main engineering materials such as steel, cast iron, stainless steel and difficult-to-cut HTSA (ISO P, M, K, S and H application groups). Milling shoulders, slots, side plunging, plane and 3D surfaces. Manufacturing small-size parts. The new cutters and inserts will provide customers with a complete solution for milling with better process control. The new HELI-4-MILL tools and inserts are designed to provide an economical option for a wide range of roughing and finishing operations. HELI-4-MILL small diameter milling cutters can successfully replace solid carbide endmills. They facilitate application flexibility and reduce stock and procurement costs. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: #ISCAR, #Milling, #HELI4MILL, #Endmill, #SOMT, #NEOITA, #e-Learning



ISCAR TECH TALK- ISCAR's 3-Flute Series for Machining Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Materials

ISCAR has expanded its SOLID line with a new 3-flute series for machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials. The new endmills are designed with a 45° flute, wiper flat on the face end, controlled land and polished flutes that provide fluent chip evacuation, a smooth cut, and superb surface finish. The tools are coated with Ta-C (Tetrahedral Amorphous Carbon) diamond like coating, also known as DLC coating. Ta-C is considered the superior type among the different DLC forms and therefore provides desirable qualities such as hardness, wear-resistance, and slickness, which significantly prolongs tool life and diminishes chip jamming. Properties that are ideal for machining non-ferrous materials are; - Aluminum and Aluminum alloys with up to 12% Si content - Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - Carbon and plastic - and Composite The new SOLID line comprises a square endmill with a sharp cutting edge, a Ball nose, and Bullnose. This unique new line is suitable for HEM toolpaths with up to a 20% stepover in roughing, semi-finishing and finishing toolpaths, and can perform a ramp-down of up to 3 degrees. Please be reminded to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. e- Learning - Become an Expert in the Metal Cutting Industry, Discover our Courses: #ISCAR, #Milling, #SolidCarbide, #Aluminum, #3FluteSeries, #TechTalk, #ISCAR-WORLD



Präzisionswerkzeuge Produkt Innovationen 2021-2 Drehen, Bohren, Gewinden, Fräsen - Walter Tools

IHRE VORTEILE (DC175 Supreme) – Höchste Produktivität durch präzise Kühlmittelzufuhr zur Schneidkante – Hohe Standzeiten und reduzierte Fertigungskosten durch stabile, gerade Schneidkante – Sicherer Spanfluss dank neuartiger, extrem glatter HIPIMS-TiAlSiN-Beschichtung – Dreifach wirtschaftlich durch Möglichkeit zur Wiederaufbereitung in Walter Recon Centern IHRE VORTEILE (Xtra·tec®XT M5468) – Maximale Produktivität durch höchste Schnittdaten und Standzeiten – Höchste Prozesssicherheit durch Indexierung der Wendeschneidplatten über Facetten – Optimal angepasst an die Bearbeitung durch unterschiedliche Wendeschneidplatten-größen und Geometrien – Hohe Flexibilität für Einsatz in vorhandenen Aufnahmesystemen durch zylindrisch-modulare Schnittstelle – Reduzierte Werkzeugkosten und minimierter Aufwand durch universelle Einsetzbarkeit – Hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit durch Tiger·tec® Schneidstoffe, höhere Zähnezahl IHRE VORTEILE (Xtra·tec®XT M5460) – Universelle Einsatzbarkeit durch verschiedenste Schaftausführungen und umfangreiches Schneidstoff-Sortiment – Hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit durch höhere Schnittgeschwindigkeiten und weniger manuelle Nacharbeit – Höchste Präzision und Werkzeugstandzeiten durch extreme Schneidkantenstabilität und Verschleiß-festigkeit (speziell bei Härten größer 58 HRC) – Maximale Prozesssicherheit und beste Oberflächen durch optimierte Spanabfuh IHRE VORTEILE (Accure·tec A3001) – Hohe Produktivität und Oberflächenqualität durch vibrationsarme Bohrungsbearbeitung – Zeitersparnis durch schnellen, präzisen Werkzeugwechsel (±0,002 mm) mit QuadFit-Wechselköpfen – Prozesssicher durch sehr gute Spanabfuhr aus der Bohrung dank größerem f-Maß – Schwingungsdämpfung ab Werk „voreingestellt“ – sofort einsetzbar, kein Zeitverlust durch „Tuning“ IHRE VORTEILE (Tiger·tec® Gold WPP10G, WPP20G, WPP30G) – Hohe Wirtschaftlichkeit durch hochtexturierte Tiger·tec® Gold Beschichtung – durchschnittliche Standzeitsteigerung von rund 50 % – Hohe Produktivität und Prozesssicherheit durch mehrstufige Nachbehandlung und einzigartiger, mehrlagiger MT-TiCN Struktur – Sorten und Benchmark-Geometrien für kurze Späne mit flexibler Einsetzbarkeit IHRE VORTEILE (W1211) – Hohe Maßhaltigkeit und Wechselgenauigkeit durch formschlüssige WL-Verbindung – Hohe Standzeit beim Kopierdrehen –Hoch wirtschaftlich dank geringerer Werkzeugkosten durch 3 Schneidkanten – Maximale Flexibilität: 4 Wendeschneidplatten-Typen passen in ein Werkzeug IHRE VORTEILE (TC630 Supreme) – Hohe Prozesssicherheit bei anspruchsvollen Bearbeitungen – Walter DeVibe-Technologie: sichere Bearbeitung auch bei extremen Bedingungen – Universeller Einsatz in verschiedensten Werkstoffen – Umfassendes Produktprogramm – Flexible Spannmöglichkeiten



ISCAR TECH TALK -The Expansion of the HELI3MILL 390 LINE

The Expansion of the HELI3MILL 390 LINE with a New Serrated Cutting Edge Insert. A new serrated cutting-edge geometry for highly efficient rough milling. ISCAR expands its advantageous HELI3MILL 390 LINE by introducing new inserts with serrated edges. The new inserts, with a radii of 0.8mm and 3.2mm designated as HM390 TDCR 1505…FW-P, feature a super positive and sharp serrated cutting-edge geometry with polished rake surfaces which assure highly efficient milling for aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous materials (ISO N grade of application). The insert’s cutting-edge geometry splits the chips into small pieces and generates low cutting forces enabling increased feed rates for higher machining productivity. Features of the new inserts include: A sharp serrated cutting edge with a special chip former; Significantly improves chip evacuation Reduces cutting load and enables high table feed Reduces vibration Reduces heat generation Suitable for High Speed Machining (HSM) Intended for 90° milling cutters Peripherally ground insert Wide sharp-edged wiper for improved surface finish Both rake and relief surfaces are polished I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #Milling, #HELIMILL-390-Line, #SerratedCuttingEdgeInsert, #RoughMilling, #HighSpeedMachining, #TechTalk