ISCAR TECH TALK -ISCAR's X-STREAM shrink chucks with Coolant Jet Channels

NEW SRK-CX slim design shrink chucks with Coolant Jet Channels Technology along the shank bore for increased improves the tool life of solid carbide endmills. The new SRK-CX is a unique and extraordinary product line, which follows ISCAR’s X-STREAM patented coolant jet channels technology starting with a bore size of 3 mm. These are the slimmest shrink chucks available with direct coolant to the cutting edge. The SRK-CX features are: - Coolant directed to the cutting edges. - Intended for small solid carbide tools in size ranges of 3-12 mm. - Prolongs tool life - Retains maximum gripping force as a result of the holder coolant - Eliminates chip sticking to the cutting edges - Suitable for High Speed Milling - Effective chip evacuation prevents chip re-cutting The applications and advantages of the SRK-CX are: - CNC milling machines with poor external coolant flow - The ability to effectively mill cavities and pockets - Most suitable for semi-finishing and finishing profile milling of titanium blisk blades ץ - Most suitable for milling applications with intensive heat generation, such as very hard alloy steels, and high-temperature alloys. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. #ISCAR; #Tooling; #SHRINKIN; #CoolantJetChannelsTechnology ; #CNC; #Milling;



ISCAR TECH TALK - New Solid ER Collets with an SD Spline Connection

Following the success and high demand of SD inserts for ISCAR’s T-SLOT, T-FACE and T-GEAR product lines, new solid ER Collets with coolant holes were introduced in several size ranges. NEOCOLLET is a new toolholding family intended for small-size cutting tools that provide an alternative to clamping tools with spring collets. A typical NEOCOLLET toolholder has a tapered shank that can be mounted in a collet chuck, guaranteeing a rigid and reliable connection for improved performance parameters of a tool. One of the new tools in the NEOCOLLET family is the toolholder for ISCAR’s T-SLOT SD exchangeable solid carbide heads. In combination with a diverse variety of heads designed for various slotting and face milling applications, NEOCOLLETS provide a great solution for machine tools with limited working space, such as compact lathes, milling machines, multitasking and Swiss-Type machines. One of the unique features of the NEOCOLLET toolholder is its compact design, which reduces the chance of collision in the machine. The SD ER product line is ideal for Swiss-Type machines and medium/small multitasking machines. The ER collets feature coolant holes that provide direct coolant to the cutting edge for perfect chip evacuation, longer tool-life and better surface finish. Solid ER connections are suitable for diverse ER Collet Chucks and provide higher runout and rigid clamping compared to ER Spring Collets. The NEOCOLLET toolholder is ideal for small Turn-Mill machines, it provides direct coolant to the cutting edge, is highly rigid and has accurate clamping, and it fits all types of SD-SP inserts; the many advantages over other toolholders. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #ToolHolding, #NEOOLLET, #TSLOT, #ExchangeableSolidCarbideHeads, #SwissTypeMachines, #TechTalk, #MetalCuttingTools