ISCAR TECH TALK - LOGIQ3CHAM Flat 3 Flute Drilling Heads

ISCAR is expanding the application range of the successful LOGIQ3CHAM drilling line by adding flat 3 flute drilling heads High performance drilling can be now achieved with LOGIQ-3-CHAM F3P heads. These highly advantageous drilling heads have a nearly flat-bottomed surface suitable for diverse holemaking applications. The drilling diameter ranges from .472 to 1.020”, with a drilling depth to diameter ratio of 1.5XD, 3XD, 5XD and 8XD. The new D3N drills can increase productivity by up to 50%, maintaining the excellent performance of the SUMOCHAM drills with F3P drilling heads. LOGIQ3CHAM applies the user-friendly drilling system for easy handling in accordance with the company motto of “No Setup Time”. D3N Drilling Holder Features: • 3 variable and polished flute surfaces provide a smooth and easy chip evacuation process • Variable flute angle design provides durable tool structure to withstand high axial forces • A helical margin prevents chip adhesion between the body and the hole during the machining process • Internal coolant channels supply effective coolant and lubrication during the drilling process • Tool body is made from a high grade of steel with superior hardness to withstand high wear resistance • The drilling head pocket is designed to withstand high machining conditions, and allows easy and fast indexing The new F3P drill heads can be mounted on any LOGIQ3CHAM drill featuring the appropriate pocket size. The recommended cutting conditions for F3P drilling heads are the same as those recommended for H3P drilling heads. The new F3P tip design enables drilling in applications up to 8 L/D ratio without the need for pre-hole. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. https://www.iscar.com/newarticles.aspx/countryid/1/newarticleid/2978 #ISCAR; #HoleMaking; #LOGIQ3CHAM; #Drilling; #Flat3FluteDrillingHead; #techtalk



ISCAR TECH TALK - ISCAR SUMOCHAM for Drilling Operations

The ISCAR SUMOCHAM line for drilling operations. The SUMOCHAM line has a new unique pocket design that uses resulting cutting forces to tighten the exchangeable drilling head, which provides extremely rigid mounting. The greater the effect of the cutting forces, the greater the clamping force of the head. The SUMOCHAM line is user-friendly and assures quick and easy replacement of exchangeable drilling heads with emphasis on ISCAR's no set-up time phenomenon. The tools are embedded with the revolutionary technology of twisted coolant channels. This modified twisted coolant channel design features increased flute volume that greatly contributes to effective chip evacuation. ISCAR's SUMOCHAM exchangeable drilling heads are available in a diameter range from 4 mm up to 32.9 mm and include 10 standard geometries that are suitable for the most popular and common material groups used daily in diverse industries. The inserts are supplied with a user-friendly key that enables easy mounting with no set-up time. The ICP geometry is designed for ISO P materials and is ideally shaped for high productivity and excellent chip control for machining alloy steel. The HCP geometry, with a concave cutting edge, is used for self-centering the drill and ensures drilling operations with a depth of up to 12xD without the need for a pre-hole. The FCP geometry provides a practical flat bottom hole often required in various operations. The ICK geometry is designed to machine ISO K materials at very high feed rates. The ICM geometry maximizes productivity when machining austenitic stainless steel and other ISO M materials. The ICG geometry has grooves on the cutting edge designed to break the chips into small segments which can be easily removed from the cutting area. The ICN geometry has sharp edges and polished chip flutes for ISO N type materials. The QCP geometry with a double margin is used for drilling with high surface quality and improved self-centering capabilities. These wide range of tools ensure drilling with depths from 1.5xD and up to 12xD. For deep drilling it is recommended to use the SUMOCHAM exchangeable drilling heads with SUMOGUN tools that provide drilling holes with a depth of up to 40xD. SUMOCHAM tools are available with 2 standard shank types. • A round shank that is suitable for hydraulic and collet chucks, and reduces the runout of the cutting edge, which is very important for drill lengths over 5xD. • A side lock , cylindrical shank with one or two parallel flats for side clamping systems. Side lock shanks provide a safe and rigid drill that is clamped in a toolholder to prevent the tool from being pulled out. This method provides a high level of torque transmission and is suitable for heavy machining operations. The SUMOCHAM line also includes tools for combined drilling operations such as drilling and chamfering which implies that one tool can be used for two operations for greater productivity. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #HoleMaking, #SUMOCHAM, #NEOITA, #NoSetUpTime, #SUMOGUN, #ExchangeableDrillingHeads




ISCAR has introduced the SUMOCHAM drill family, the next evolution of the very successful CHAMDRILL family. The SUMOCHAM drills have features similar to the CHAMDRILL and CHAMDRILLJET, with improved head and pocket design, together with no setup time, fast metal removal and economy indexing. The SUMOCHAM comprises a revolutionary clamping system that enables improved productivity output rates, while enabling more insert indexes. The shank itself is designed with twisted nozzles and exhibits a durable and stably constructed body. The indexable heads are available in four different standard geometries. Each one of them is designed for drilling steel, exotic materials, cast iron or aluminum. The unique pocket design of the SUMOCHAM takes good advantage of the cutting forces, which are mechanically exerted upon the tool. These forces are then converted into gripping forces that are used for tightening the insert towards the back of the pocket. In that sense, the more cutting forces applied, the better gripping forces obtained. The clamping forces around the connection area generate little strain, preventing any potential plastic deformation and by that providing at least triple the amount of head indexes. The most important attribute of the new clamping design is therefore a 50% increase in productivity. The drill head is also designed with a dovetail connection, eliminating any possibility of insert pull-out, while utilizing an enlarged clamping area and stopper at the back.