Iscar tech talk - iscar spinjet micro 90 small, drilling and milling in difficult to reach spaces

The MICRO 90 Jet Spindle driven by high pressure coolant, with a solid shell of titanium and assembled from only six parts, is built for High RPM , accurate work in small and difficult-to-reach spaces . . The MICRO 90 Jet Spindle enables speeds from 35,000 to 53,000 rpm while the main machine spindle remains idle. The MICRO 90 Jet Spindle is ideal for a wide range of semi-finish and finishing applications by use of small cutting tools intended for milling, drilling, thread milling, engraving, chamfering and deburring. There are prerequisites for using the Microjet 90 Jet Spindle on CNC Machines. - Coolant flows through the main CNC machine spindle - Minimum coolant pressure, at main spindle outlet of 20 bar - Maximum coolant pressure, at main spindle outlet of 40 bar - Minimum flow rate of 10 liters per minute - Filter element of maximum100 micrometers - An active mist collector - When using emulsion coolant, use an anti-foaming agent additive suitable for emulsion. - When using oil-based coolant, the high-pressure increases the number of oil fumes. Therefore, it is recommended to use an appropriate means of fire protection and to use anti-dissolution additive suitable for oil. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. #ISCAR; #Tooling; #SPINJET; #HighPressureCoolant; #TECHTALK;



How to shrink a Heavy Duty shrink fit chuck with a diameter of 50 mm

For shrinking Heavy Duty Shrink Chucks up to Ø 50 mm we offer you the right coil for heating the tool. In this video we show you the easy change of an existing coil and the shrinking process with the upgrade kit 13 kW HD coil. The upgrade kit also includes the HD cooling body Ø 40-50 mm for the cooling process. ________________________________________________________________________ Check out our other HAIMER channels: Website | https://www.haimer.com YouTube | https://www.youtube.com/user/HaimerGermany LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/company/haimer-gmbh/ XING | https://www.xing.com/companies/haimergmbh Or register for our newsletter: https://www.haimer.biz/nc/news/newsletter-subscription.html __________________________________________________________________________ Short information about HAIMER: HAIMER is a family run, medium size company located in Igenhausen, Bavaria near Augsburg, Germany. We design, produce and sell innovative, high precision products for metal cutting as well as for other branches including automotive, aerospace, energy, rail and general machining. Out of approx. 800 employees worldwide, 500 work at our main production facility in Igenhausen together with the most modern of machines and a high level of automation. At our second HAIMER production site in Bielefeld with around 50 employees, HAIMER Microset presetting machines are manufactured. Our experienced, dynamic and highly qualified employees guarantee the well-known and highest quality “made by HAIMER.” As an active apprenticeship company with almost 50 apprentices and a very high internal acquisition rate, HAIMER is able to secure its future skilled employees and to fulfill its contribution to further educate young adults, as well as securing the future of our German manufacturing location.