TNC 640: reliably master 5-axis machining

Expand the range of parts that you can make, and increase your productivity. Welcome to the potential of 5-axis machining with the TNC 640 from HEIDENHAIN. It provides numerous functions for easily mastering the challenges of 5-axis machining. - Digital Twin for realistic simulation and reliable production processes - Dynamic Collision Monitoring (DCM) for preventing machine damage and downtime - KinematicsOpt for precise and reproducible production - OCM for highly efficient manufacturing that is gentle on tools - TCPM, Cycle 32, and Dynamic Precision for improved accuracy at the tool center point and milling of perfect workpiece surfaces - Cycle 444 for convenient and efficient workpiece inspection With the powerful functions of the TNC 640 for 5-axis machining you quickly produce perfect parts, putting you in the driver's seat when optimum machining results and efficient processes are required. For more information about 5-axis machining with the TNC 640 from HEIDENHAIN, visit #machinetool #5axes #processreliability