MAX Aerostructures: Standing Out in the Highly Competitive Aerospace

In today’s cut-throat aerospace manufacturing industry, the need for differentiating yourself from the competition is greater than ever. Hear from Sean Purcell, Executive VP and GM of MAX Aerostructures, as he explains how the Makino MAG1 and MAG3 allow them to meet their clients’ needs 100% of the time while maximizing runtime and a lights-out approach. Purcell explains how Makino palletized systems provides the technology that’s fueling the company’s rapid growth while still delivering the reliability, repeatability and unmatched accuracy needed to be successful when machining monolithic aerospace parts. In only a short time, the capability and adaptability of Makino machines have allowed MAX Aerostructures to differentiate themselves from even the more recognized companies and stand out in today’s highly competitive aerospace industry. Click here to learn more about Makino's aerospace solutions: