Iscar tech talk - new generation of swissturn precise inserts for the miniature & medical industries

ISCAR introduces a new generation of SWISSTURN precise inserts for the miniature and medical industries. These inserts include a variety of precise ground and polished turning inserts for the miniature, watch, and medical industries. ISCAR features a variety of ISO standard inserts, with small shank sizes. Also available are many standard inserts in different geometries with precision ground cutting edges and small radii for manufacturing small and thin parts. ISCAR's toolholders with a unique clamping device, provide solutions for solving the main problems related to insert clamping and replacement on Swiss-type machines. Precisely ground and polished inserts guarantee light cutting forces with very low friction. The polished insert also prevents a built-up edge especially when machining stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. Designed with two positive chipformers referred to as F1M-20P for semi-finish and finishing operations and F1M-12P for finishing operations. The inserts are available with a small corner radius that ensures excellent performance, superb surface quality, and extended tool life. Produced with IC1008, a combination of Titanium Aluminum Nitride +TIN PVD coating with the outstanding IC08 substrate, excellent for hard to machine materials in the miniature industry. F1M-20P is designed with very positive rake angles for semi-finish and finishing applications. Suitable for stainless steel, high-temp alloys, titanium alloys and non-ferrous materials. Features light smooth cutting and excellent surface quality. F1M-12P is designed for finishing applications. This insert features a positive geometry, low cutting forces, and excellent surface quality. Suitable for steels, stainless steels, high temp alloys, titanium alloys and non-ferrous materials. The new inserts can be used for longitudinal, face and profiling applications on small diameter parts. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. https://www.iscar.com/newarticles.aspx/countryid/1/newarticleid/2978 #ISCAR; #Turning; #SWIISTURN; #Miniature; #Swiss-Type-Machine;



ISCAR TECH TALK - ISCAR Modular Exchangeable Drilling Heads for Large Diameter Deep Drilling

ISCAR Introduces New Exchangeable MD-EXTENSION Holders That Can Increase the Drilling Depth by an Additional 200mm. ISCAR introduces new Modular Exchangeable drilling heads for Large Diameter Deep Drilling. The MODUDRILL family provides a significant increase in drilling depth by an additional 200mm using only two bodies to cover the existing diameter range: one by use of 33-36 mm and the other by 37-40 mm. Each drill body can carry any one of the two head types. The two available drilling heads were designed for different applications and cutting conditions, required hole accuracy and surface finish. When using the MD-EXTENSION, a short pre-hole of at least 1XD deep with H8 hole tolerance should be prepared to guide the long drill for all drilling head types. MD-BODY Modular bodies that can carry different types of drilling heads. The tool bodies are produced from high strength steel for high durability. The tools have a small core with central coolant hole for efficient chip evacuation. ISCAR's new patented connection withstands high torque, and the high flute helix with a polished surface provides a smooth and easy chip evacuation for chips of all sizes. MD-DFN Modular Heads • Mount HFP-IQ CHAM-IQ-DRILL solid carbide heads • Robust structure with concave cutting edge design enables drilling at high feed rates, providing very accurate IT8-IT9 hole tolerance • Unique pocket design enables many drilling head indexes • Special axial stopper prevents the drilling head from being extracted during retraction. • Large radial head stoppers provide high resistance to cutting forces, enable very high cutting conditions HFP-IQ Drilling Heads • Available in a 33-40 mm diameter drilling range, according to the standard items list • Unique self-centering geometry enables long overhang without the need for a pilot hole operation. • Produced from grade IC908 – a PVD coating on a fine submicron grain substrate • Suitable for steel and cast-iron ISO P/K material groups. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. https://www.iscar.com/newarticles.aspx/countryid/1/newarticleid/2978 #ISCAR; #Hole-Making; #Drilling; #Deep-Drilling; #Modular-Exchangeable-Drilling-Heads;