Drilling D8, 40xD deep on low-alloy steel component in general engineering segment | Seco tools

Experience real-time machining in action with the new Seco X-tra Long Solid Carbide Drills, drilling a 40xD hole in a Hydraulic steel component. The Seco X-tra Long drills are known for their symmetrical point geometries and exceptional heat resistance, which not only enhance the tool's longevity but also ensure superior entrance stability and breakthrough guidance, all while minimizing crater wear and heat buildup in your part. In this demonstration, we'll show you how Seco X-tra Long Carbid Drills can help you: -Efficiently drill deeper holes -Leverage standard machining centers for deep hole production -Achieve prolonged tool durability -Ensure precise entrance and breakthrough guidance -Minimize wear and heat-associated challenges -Boost your drilling process for heightened output or cost-effective tooling -Avoid deflection and trim down cycle durations -For a deeper dive into the capabilities of Seco X-tra Long Solid Carbide Drills and to discover the ideal drill for your needs, visit: https://bit.ly/407eK3I