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ISCAR TECH TALK - Introducing D42 Adapters and Blocks for the LOGIQ-F-GRIP Parting System

In the world of machining, innovation is key to staying ahead of the competition. That's why ISCAR is excited to introduce the D42 LOGIQ-F-GRIP adapters and blocks for parting bars with up to 42mm (1.65 inches). This new family of tool blocks is set to revolutionize parting applications and provide significant savings in raw materials. One of the standout features of the LOGIQ-F-GRIP system is its unique patented captive adapters. These adapters are specially designed with a quad-shaped, patented 2 pocket design, ensuring a secure and reliable fit. This innovative design contributes to the outstanding stability of the parting system, even when dealing with large diameters. Machinists can now enjoy a vibration-free machining experience, resulting in improved insert tool life, superior surface finish, and enhanced workpiece straightness. The LOGIQ-F-GRIP system also offers reduced cutting widths, thanks to its excellent tool stability. This stability not only enhances the machining process but also leads to material savings. In fact, it's now possible to cut a 42mm (1.65 inches) bar using just a 2mm (.08 inch) wide insert, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste. For those focused-on productivity, the LOGIQ-F-GRIP system guarantees high performance. When paired with TAG N-HF inserts, feeds of up to 0.35mm/rev (.0138 inch per revolution) can be achieved, ensuring fast and efficient machining operations. Additionally, setup time is significantly reduced after pocket replacement, as the adapters can be easily repositioned, saving valuable time on the shop floor. Versatility is another key advantage of the LOGIQ-F-GRIP system. Two types of adapters, with widths of 2mm (0.8 inch) and 3mm (0.12 inch), fit seamlessly into the same tool block. This flexibility allows machinists to adapt to different parting requirements without the need for multiple tool blocks, streamlining operations and reducing costs. To ensure optimal performance, the tool blocks are designed with a coolant-through hole directed to the cutting edge. This ensures effective chip evacuation and cooling during machining. While the adapters do not have cooling holes, the entire system is suitable for JETCUT coolant pressure of up to 140 Bar (2000 PSI), guaranteeing reliable and efficient operation. Investing in the LOGIQ-F-GRIP system not only provides immediate benefits but also opens the door to acquiring additional parting applications. With its exceptional stability, tool life improvement, and material savings, machinists can confidently take on new projects and expand their capabilities. In conclusion, the D42 LOGIQ-F-GRIP adapters and blocks are a game-changer in the world of parting applications. With their innovative design, outstanding stability, and enhanced productivity, they are set to redefine machining standards. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your machining processes and unlock new possibilities. Experience the LOGIQ-F-GRIP advantage today. Download ISCAR WORLD, the virtual "one stop shop" app that features all ISCAR's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space: #ISCAR; #Parting; #LOGIQ-F-GRIP; #JETCUT; #Coolant;


ISCAR TECH-TALK - ISCAR Small Quad Shaped Milling Inserts Intended for General Milling

ISCAR's small quad shaped milling inserts are intended for general milling applications. It features a positive axial rake that reduces cutting forces and provides a 3.5 mm depth of cut. These inserts are designed for machining compact and miniature parts such as light components for dies and molds, medical devices, and aircraft parts. The small dimensions of the cutters make them ideally suitable for turn-milling on multi-tasking machines. HELI-4-MILL small quad inserts includes two types of inserts. One for 90º shoulder milling and the other for high feed machining. Both insert types fit the same endmill. The economical, positive, and durable small size insert has 4 cutting edges and enables efficient machining. The large tool core ensures increasing the number of teeth on small tool diameters for high productivity. HELI-4-MILL cutters and inserts are designed to provide an economical option for a wide range of roughing and finishing operations and easily replace solid carbide endmills. These cutters can be used to mill square shoulders, slotting, plunging and rough milling with a very high feed rate. The HELI-4-MILL cutters feature pinpointed coolant to each cutting edge assuring high productivity. This upgraded milling tool family can machine steel, cast iron, stainless steel and difficult to machine materials under the ISO P, M, K, S and H application groups. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Milling; #HELI-4-MILL;#Small-Quad-Shaped;


ISCAR TECH-TALK - Upgraded HELI2000 with New IC5600 and IC716 Carbide Grade

HELI-2000 Incorporates the HELIMILL and HELIPLUS Lines with 15-, 10-, and 07-mm Inserts ISCAR expanded its highly efficient HELI2000 milling products with CVD IC5600 and IC716 carbide grade. The new additions guarantee higher tool life, more productivity and better process reliability. In addition, HELIMILL-10 and HELIPLUS-07 lines are now enhanced with the new PVD coated IC716 carbide grade inserts and new insert geometries. The innovative geometry with a new high positive (HP) chip-former and the new IC716 carbide grade were developed specifically for high-performance machining on titanium and titanium alloys. APKR-HP and ADKR-HP inserts were especially designed for rough and finish milling applications related to ISO S materials with a pressed-to-size durable insert structure. The insert geometry reduces cutting load and enables high table feed because of the insert's high axial rake angles, wiper, and improved edge for high surface finish. These inserts show excellent performance when milling 90 square shoulders with an excellent surface finish. Suitable for HELI-2000 tools with conventional coolant or high-pressure jet coolant and pinpointed coolant outlets. The high-pressure coolant reduces the built-up edge, especially when machining high-temperature superalloys and difficult-to-cut austenitic and duplex stainless steel. The chip-splitting (CS) cutting edge geometry is designed for general roughing applications. APKT 1003 and ANKT 0702 have a new reinforced cutting-edge geometry for rough high feed milling intended for hardened materials of up to 60 Rockwell C hardness, which diminishes high stress and intensive wear. The new inserts designed with a reinforced cutting edge specially for hard milling, feature a unique reinforced cutting edge with T-land chipformer to significantly improve tool life and boost productivity. The reinforced cutting-edge geometry (GT) is intended for productive high feed milling hardened materials of up to 60 HRC hardness, for both APKT 1003 and HP ANKT 0702 insert families. The APKT 1003 insert is intended for milling square shoulders, full slots with a high depth of cut specifically for ISO P and ISO M materials. Its geometry improves chip evacuation, reduces cutting loads, and enables high table feed while reducing vibration and improving surface quality. This family of inserts assures higher process durability and reliability by use of high feed rates and increased tool life - achieved by the insert’s cutting profile and chipformer cutting geometry. These inserts are a great alternative to grinding, EDM or any other time-consuming production method in rough machining. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Milling; #HELI2000; #HELIMILL; #HELIPLUS; #PVD;


Iscar tech talk - iscar heli-3-mill endmill cutters with an extra small diameter

The HELI-3-MILL is a family of cutters which carries triangular inserts with 3 helical cutting edges. These unique inserts are triangular with 3 cutting edges and highly economical for 90 degrees shoulder milling. These inserts have ramping down abilities with high axial rake angles for a maximum depth of cut of 3.5mm. The strong and durable cutters provide high clamping rigidity and suitable for machining steel, cast iron, stainless steel and difficult to machine materials which belong to the ISO P, M, K, and S groups of applications. The cutters have a protective coating for improved wear and corrosion resistance, and a coolant hole directed to each cutting edge which prolongs tool life and assures good surface finish. The new endmill cutters are now available in diameters of 6 and 8 mm which makes HELI-3-MILL suitable for manufacturing miniature parts, and small-size medical components. The new tools provide an ideal solution for low power machining centers and turn-milling machines. Milling square shoulders, planes, slots and cavities by ramping down or helical interpolation is now easier with the HELI-3-MILL tool design which eliminates mismatches in multi-pass milling. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining result. #ISCAR; #Milling; #EndMill; #HELI-3-MILL; #Triangular-Inserts;


ISCAR TIP TALK - ISCAR Indexable Shell Mills with A Titanium Body

What is the main application of indexable shell mills with a Titanium body? Titanium-body indexable shell mills are intended for long-reach machining applications. One of the most important factors in long-reach machining applications is dynamic stability. Indexable shell mills are traditionally made from steel which due to its relatively high density, might have stability problems in long-reach machining applications. Reducing the weight of the mill body contributes to improved dynamic stability. However, weight reduction should not impair the strength characteristics of the tool. Due to its low density and high strength characteristics, Titanium can be an excellent replacement for steel when designing shell-mills for long-reach machining applications. Titanium also features excellent corrosion resistance with anti-wear properties. Using ISCAR's new production technology, the mill body is formed by a 3D printing method. By using this technology, tool body elements such as chip gullets and weight-reduction cavities having sophisticated forms, can now be produced. In addition, 3D printing technologies enable an optimal design of inner coolant channels. This ensures efficient pinpointed coolant through the body. To improve results and to achieve an excellent surface finish, it is recommended to mount the milling cutter on tool holders with an anti-vibration mechanism, such as ISCAR's WHISPER LINE adaptors. Check our catalogue to learn more about machining intelligently. #ISCAR; #Milling; #IndexableShellMills; #Titanium; #Tip-Talk;


Iscar tech talk - iscar thermal er-srk-cx collet with coolant jet channels along the shank bore

The thermal shrink collet with coolant jet channels along the shank bore is intended for solid carbide milling cutters. A new family of ISCAR's milling cutters offers several bore sizes from 3 to 12mm. ER-SRK-CX are the slimmest shrink chucks in the cutting tools market with direct coolant to the cutting edge. The solid collet ER32-SRK-CX is suitable for all ER Collet Chucks and ER driven units. The thermal SRK collet features: • Interchangeability with all standard ER chucks • Coolant directed to cutting edges • Prolonged tool life • Eliminates chip sticking to the cutting edges • Suitable for high-speed milling • Effective chip evacuation prevents re-cutting of chips • Cavities and pocket milling applications • Semi-finish and finishing profile milling titanium blisk blades. • Milling applications with intensive heat generation such as very hard alloy steels, and high-temperature alloys. Applications and advantages of the ER-SRK-CX collets are intended for: • CNC milling machines with poor external coolant flow. • cavities and pocket milling applications. • semi-finish and finish profile milling titanium blisks. • milling applications that generate high temperatures, such as very hard alloy steels, high temperature alloys and more. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Tooling; #X-STREAM; #ThermalShank; #ColletJet; ER-Chucks;



HSK A63 EM with coolant jet channels along the shank bore What is an HSK tool holder? HSK is a German abbreviation for hollow taper shank. A hollow taper means these tool holders do not have a retention knob. The hollow taper provides the appropriate level of flexibility to ensure contact with the machine tool spindle by both the taper and the flange face. This results in an extremely reliable interface that successfully sustains extremely high centrifugal and thermal loads. The HSK holders are intended for high-speed machining. These holders are becoming more popular due to their precision performance. The X-STREAM HSK A-63 provides a perfect solution for solid carbide endmills with Coolant Jet Channels along the shank bore. It can be installed on a machining center with through-coolant spindle options, and the X-STREAM endmill holder delivers jet coolant that wraps the tool to obtain the same result as through tool coolant. ISCAR's new HSK chucks offer several protruding lengths for 6 to 25mm tool diameters. Several unique features of the system are: • Coolant directed to cutting edges. • Prolonged tool life. • Eliminates chip sticking to the cutting edges. • Balanced to G2.5, 25000 RPM. • Suitable for High-Speed Milling. • Effective chip evacuation to prevent chip re-cutting. • No Pull out • Suitable for High-Speed Milling. Applications and Advantages of the new X-STREAM HSK A-63 • Intended for CNC milling machines with poor external coolant flow. • Highly positive results for cavities and pocket milling applications. • Great for milling applications that generate high temperatures, such as very hard alloy steels, high temperature alloys etc. The new X-STREAM HSK A-63 increases tool life, provides high productivity and profitability. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Tooling; #HSK; #X-Stream; #Coolant-Jet;