Iscar tech talk - iscar thermal er-srk-cx collet with coolant jet channels along the shank bore

The thermal shrink collet with coolant jet channels along the shank bore is intended for solid carbide milling cutters. A new family of ISCAR's milling cutters offers several bore sizes from 3 to 12mm. ER-SRK-CX are the slimmest shrink chucks in the cutting tools market with direct coolant to the cutting edge. The solid collet ER32-SRK-CX is suitable for all ER Collet Chucks and ER driven units. The thermal SRK collet features: • Interchangeability with all standard ER chucks • Coolant directed to cutting edges • Prolonged tool life • Eliminates chip sticking to the cutting edges • Suitable for high-speed milling • Effective chip evacuation prevents re-cutting of chips • Cavities and pocket milling applications • Semi-finish and finishing profile milling titanium blisk blades. • Milling applications with intensive heat generation such as very hard alloy steels, and high-temperature alloys. Applications and advantages of the ER-SRK-CX collets are intended for: • CNC milling machines with poor external coolant flow. • cavities and pocket milling applications. • semi-finish and finish profile milling titanium blisks. • milling applications that generate high temperatures, such as very hard alloy steels, high temperature alloys and more. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR; #Tooling; #X-STREAM; #ThermalShank; #ColletJet; ER-Chucks;