ISCAR TECH TALK - Machining Aircraft Aluminum Parts with ISCAR

Although machining aluminum may appear to be a very simple process, the effective cutting processes of aluminum are challenged by choosing correct metalworking technologies. The need to increase productivity and boost metal removal rates when milling aluminum, especially large aerospace structural components, has led machine tool builders to develop milling machines with a powerful main drive of up to 150 kW with high spindle speeds of 33000 rpm. The aerospace industry exerts ongoing efforts for improving aircraft component manufacturing, increasing flight safety, and reducing harm to the environment. ISCAR being a full-line supplier of cutting tools, has developed an entire comprehensive range of indexable milling cutters, designed specifically for machining aluminum effectively. Each tool family of high-quality cutters features integral or lightweight body designs, unique carbide inserts clamping, tools with adjustable cartridges, various ground and polished inserts with different corner radii for increased metal removal rates which answer to the demands of the world’s producers of aluminum components. ISCAR HELIALU line of indexable milling tools presents an all in one-advanced geometry, flexible customization and high durability for obtaining advanced machining results. Download ISCAR WORLD, the virtual "one stop shop" app that features all ISCAR's online apps, interfaces, and product catalogs in a single space: #ISCAR; #Milling; #Aerospace; #Machining-Aluminum; #HELIALU;