ISCAR Industrealize - Aerospace - Blisk Titanium - Face Pocket - Rough Zigzag Turning

Face Pocket - Rough Zigzag Turning SUMO-GRIP Heavy Duty Line ISCAR’s unique groove-turn tools are multifunction turning tools, able to operate in a sequence of grooving and turning modes. The SUMO-GRIP line offers a very rigid and secure clamping in a tangentially oriented pocket. The extremely rigid clamping system, designed with the absence of an upper jaw, along with the strong insert design, enable the machining of groove-turn applications at very high feed rates, ensuring free and unobstructed chip flow. This results in improved insert and tool life and significantly increased productivity. Our SUMO-GRIP line also includes high pressure tools designed especially for machining hard to machine materials which are very common in the aerospace industry. The SUMO-GRIP inserts consist of different geometries allowing us to provide appropriate solutions for many groove-turn applications. In addition to our standard items, one of our unique specialties is providing full solutions for machining aerospace components. Our R&D department is highly experienced and has the ability to quickly design specially tailored items for the customer’s needs. for more information: #ISCAR, #INDUSTREALIZE, #AerospaceIndustry, #TitaniumBlisk, #FacePockect, #SUMOGRIP