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Iscar tech talk - iscar heliquad sdmt 12 for additional applications

ISCAR expands HELIQUAD SDMT 12 geometries, grades and the insert’s radii range for additional applications which guarantee economical 90˚ shoulder milling. ISCAR's HELIQUAD 12 single-sided inserts with 4 cutting edges feature: 1. New improved cutting geometries. 2. 1.6mm corner radius. 3. A new HELISTAR chip former. 4. A new QDMT 1205 geometry with IC330 grade. Additional CVD and PVD coated grades, which emphasize higher durability and flexibility with more tool life for productive milling. The new and improved geometries feature: • Robust and durable insert design • A wide wiper for excellent surface finish • An effective and economical solution for milling true 90º shoulders. The inserts which are mounted on F90SD tools are produced with SUMO TEC carbide grades and provide excellent performance with longer tool life. In addition, the inserts are suitable for X-QUAD SDK-12-C/HP extended flute cutters with conventional or high-pressure coolant outlets. HELIQUAD-12 UPGRADE SDMT 1205 …HQ-MM features: • A helical cutting edge for reducing cutting forces. • The new design is characterized by a reinforced insert body and cutting-edge land with 0.2mm compared to the previous 0.12mm HELIQUAD insert geometry SDMT 1205…HQ-M design. • The new SDMT 1205 …HQ-MM will phase out the SDMT 1205…HQ-M except for IC810 / 910 / 950 / and IC5500 grade. SDMT 1205….RM-MM features: • A straight cutting edge intended for tools with a shell mill adaptation and extended flute cutters. • The new design presents a reinforced* insert body and cutting-edge land with 0.2mm compared to the previous 0.12mm HELIQUAD insert geometry SDMT 1205…RM-M design with superior tool life. • Available with an additional 1.6mm corner radius in IC808 and IC830 grades. Applications • The inserts are intended mainly for rough to semi-finish milling square shoulders and slots in ISO P materials - carbon and alloy steel, ferritic and martensitic stainless steel, and ISO H materials - hardened materials. For machining ISO M materials such as austenitic or duplex stainless, we recommend using inserts SDMR 12 that are mounted in the same pockets. HELIQUAD-12 Expansion SDMT 1205 …HQ-HS The insert’s HELISTAR style chip former geometry splits the chips into small pieces and generates low cutting forces, which enables increased feed rates and depth of cut for higher machining productivity. Reducing cutting forces makes this insert suitable for using on low power machines. I would like to remind you to download the ISCAR World app which features the revolutionary NEO-ITA for achieving optimal machining results. #ISCAR, #Milling, #HELIQUAD, #SDMT_12, #4Cutting Edges, # Helistar

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